Photogenic Festival Barcelona 

05th - 18th of November 2018

40 x 40 photographers in different spaces around" la Grácia and El Born" Barrios, Barcelona, España.



Vernissage  08. November 2018 , 19.00 h    


Màrmara, botiga taller dàltamar, Carrer de l'Esquirol 3, 08003 Barcelona




Portraits on different places like Barcelona, Palermo, Elba inbetween 2 years.

In january 2016, I saw one of the sellers at the beach of Barceloneta, beside a shower, cleaning itʼs face.

In front of him on the seat , a basket of coconut slizes, and a small bottle of water. Nothing else.

This picture moved me a lot and I started this project.